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Once upon a time there was a little girl who lived in a house. She wanted nothing more than love and attention. What she got was stuffed animals. So she loved those stuffed animals. One day she was molested. That was not the type of love she was looking for.  So, at 12, she found a new love to erase the old one. Drugs and alcohol. She loved them hard and with reckless abandon. They loved her too. They loved each other so much it was suffocating, almost to death.


At 18, she found therapy but couldn't admit addiction so she continued with her love and contemplated suicide. On her 21st birthday, instead of a lavish party, she cried in a bedroom where supporters voted she go to treatment. There, they gave her a cabbage patch doll. She made that her new love. She completed the program.  She made changes. She loved herself. She moved in with a little old lady named Myrtle. She married. At, 24, she became a single mother.  She made more changes. She loved herself even more. She married again. This time it stuck. She went to college and she began helping others who were struggling with addiction. Twelve years later, she and her husband decided to start a program dedicated to housing and helping those individuals who are overcoming life's challenges.

the story

LARRY Kramer is a Naval veteran and a small business owner. His determination to help others was a driving force behind the development of Opportunity Ministries. He has served the recovery community in various capacities. He was invited to participate in an advisory panel to the Alcohol Drug Abuse Administration of Maryland, in order to develop statewide, minimum guideline requirements for supportive housing. In honor of his continual efforts to serve Maryland citizens, Larry was awarded a citation of recognition by the Maryland House of Delegates in 2012.

Mickey Kramer is a Minister with a passion for people.  Her desire to nurture and support is projected in various areas of her life.  She formed the Women on Fire Ministry which is a Christian entertainment ministry that delivers the powerful message of hope and salvation. She takes any available opportunity to mentor and educate young women. She participated in the Not My Child community forum at area high schools, hosted by AA County Executive, Steve Schuh.


Professionally, Mickey has completed extensive courses and schooling including Addiction Counseling at Anne Arundel Community College and Christian counseling classes in Temperament Theory. She is a member of the Behavioral Health Administration (BHA) Women's Coalition. She is active within the Celebrate Recovery organization.


Ten years ago, she and her husband, Larry, created the non profit organization, Opportunity Ministries, Inc. (OMI), and opened up their first supportive transitional home in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.  Since then, OMI has helped over 1000 men and women navigate to a better future.


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