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Mary's Lamb provides a stable home environment that helps women and their children establish a healthy family bond.

A child is born with unconditional love for and a natural bond to his mother. Mary’s Lamb realizes that preserving that bond is important to both a child and a mother in her journey to independence and stability. Allowing a child to be nurtured by his own mother in the same home surrounded by an environment of supportive resources encourages healthy interactions and proper growth.


Mary’s Lamb provides a stable home environment that helps women and their children establish a healthy family bond. It offers supportive assistance and resources to both women and their children independently while simultaneously nurturing the family bond and creating a healthy relationship between the two. It aims to help women be empowered, educated, independent, productive, and valued members of society. It aims to help children feel safe, loved, supported and nurtured.


Mary’s Lamb is a program that will provide supportive transitional housing for women who have children or are pregnant and have no stable housing. The house will be located in Anne Arundel County.


Mary’s Lamb will provide an integrated approach to stability and family by focusing on five major areas: education, employment, continued abstinence support, life skills, and family preservation.

• Child Rearing Workshops for Adults

• Employment Training and Job Placement

• Adult & Child Individual Therapy and Counseling

• Educational Advancement Planning & Placement

• Life Skills Workshops (incl. financial planning)

• Enrichment Workshops for Children

• Community Involvement

• Child/School Educational Liaison

• Family quality time events, activities, and outings

• Reduce the rate of entrance into the foster care


• Decrease the rate of homelessness among women

     with children (decrease child abuse; increase

     effective parenting skills)

• Decrease drug related births

• Decrease the risk of substance use relapse

• Decrease child educational truancy

• Increase residential stability

• Decrease welfare dependency

• Increase workforce productivity

• Increase in child’s self esteem and overall happiness

• Increase vocational and education goals

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